Welcome to Montréal’s Electronic Music Scene

Beyond being a home to a range of cultural attractions, Montréal also features a dynamic electronic music scene, one of the best in all of Canada. From IDM DJs to bedroom producers, Montréal has it all in terms of electronic music.

Why? Part of the reason is that Montréal is a melting pot of many different cultures and approaches. A bilingual city, Montréal’s electronic music producers tend to be spread out across the Francophone and Anglophone cultures, or may also hail from a diverse group of immigrant communities. That mix, combined with an urge to always embrace and experiment with new technologies, have created a sense of dynamism when it comes to Montréal’s electronic music production.

This readiness to embrace experimental approaches to music has meant that Montréal has attracted some top electronic music festivals, across Canada and even the world. For example, each August, the MUTEK festival draws crowds and musicians from all over the world. Also during the summer, DJs also flock to Piknic Electronik; while in the winter the EDM beats from Igloofest keep music lovers warm.

Today, Montréal’s electronic music producers create a wide range of music, from EDM to breakbeat, and from chill to drum and bass. Here are some of Montréal’s top electronic artists and DJs:

  • CFCF
  • Kaytranada
  • Maryze
  • Milk and Bone
  • Awwful
  • CRi
  • Chromeo
  • Ouri
  • Vince Konigan
  • Project Pablo
  • TOPS
  • Gulfer
  • Littlebabyangel
  • Sorry Girls
  • Tolemn
  • Helena Deland
  • Martyn Bootyspoon
  • Thanya Iyer
  • Ada Lea
  • Essaie Pas
  • No Joy

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